Building a startup is a dream for every individual professional. One can have an idea of developing a new product or services. But what makes them step back to start is fear of failure and the lack of investment.

SNS offer Startup MVP launch service which generally a product that contains a basic set of features that are released to test the business idea, its viability and people’s reaction over it.

SNS transforms your idea into a business and provide quicker market entry and create the strategy and launch it to the use by common people.


Build your dream business idea.

Get funds, startegies and thrive revenue to your business.

Raising funds

SNS develops your frameworks and other innovative features in generating funds for our product launch. We show a reflection of your final product to your potential users and test the feasibility thereby making the process easier to raise the funds.

Product Life Cycle

With SNS you can easily modify the roadmap to reach the target audience and we ensure that the users who need your service get actual data with the MVP launch.

Drives ROI

MVP service at SNS helps you in reducing the upfront cost and significantly saves the cost of investment since the final product of a business idea might take years to launch.

Types of MVP Launch

Low-fidelity MVP

Low fidelity MVP assist you in testing the product, whether there is a large group of people that would be willing to use your service or buy your product. This is achieved with the help of,
• customer interview
• Blogs
• Forums
• Landing Page
• Split Testing
• Explainer Video
• Paper Prototypes
• Ad Campaigns
• The ‘Fake Door’
• Audience building
• Micro-Survey

High-fidelity MVP

High fidelity MVP is where features such as user interface, user experience, and user engagement are examined by developing a prototype and undergo mockup tests.
• Digital Prototypes
• 3D Models
• The “Wizard of Oz” MVP
• The “Concierge” MVP
• The “Piecemeal” MVP
• Crowd funding
• Single Featured MVP